Archive Fever

To think about the implications ofhaving an archive does open up deeper questions about the way that we publish, record,store and reuse information and how that effects society. 

Perhaps the ever growing number of social media sites exist because we are trying to find the best way in which we can record our personal history in a meaningful platform. The idea of having websites such as “facebook” which record your life chronologically but also encourage interactivity with other peoples personal databases is the future of archiving human history. Imagine a future where Facebook has combined with DropBox and the Cloud,so that we could access our personal information and files, anywhere and at any time, but it was also part of a larger network where everyones information was collected and stored, so that we could have ready access to personal records. A kind of WikiLeaks future, where the tonnes of information are not just government files but also archives on the self. 

“there is no archive without consignation in an external place which assures the possibility of memorization, of repetition, of reproduction, or of reimpression,” – Derrida

Is an online archive an external place? When somuch information is stored in one place and without a smart search engine to locate specific information, are we really creating archives which will allow us to memorise, repeat, reproduce or create new impressions from?


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